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Exploring the Deadpool Movie Universe: How Many Deadpool Movies Are There?

Deadpool is the most popular character in the Marvel Comics universe, if you like humor and jokes in the movie, then, of course, you will like the Deadpool character. And the role of this Deadpool character has been played by Ryan Reynolds since 2016. I think he has played the character of Deadpool very well and has become a favorite superhero in the hearts of people. But you probably have in mind how many Deadpool movies is there. What else makes them so unique and enjoyable?

How many Deadpool movies are there?

Ryan Reynolds has worked on four films in the role of Deadpool so far. But one of those appeared for a while and Once Upon a Deadpool counts as a separate film. If seen, Ryan Reynolds has played the original character in two Deadpool films. Deadpool first debuted in the live-action movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

As told earlier, there are four movies of Deadpool. So let’s see which of these four films –

  1.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
  2. Deadpool (2016)
  3. Deadpool 2 (2018)
  4. Once Upon a Deadpool (2018)

Deadpool has a minor supporting role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Deadpool character is considered the most useless character. but in two standalone movies Ryan Reynolds has proven to himself that he was born to be the Deadpool character. And it is also believed that the real personality of the actor matches Deadpool to some extent.

How Many Deadpool Movies Are There?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Like Told You X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) The Deadpool character debuted. Deadpool had a small supporting role in the film, which was the first film featuring the Deadpool character. Deadpool was not the main focus of this film. Because the main character of this film was to show Wolverine. In the film Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is shown on the opposite side of Wolverine as a villain who wants Wolverine dead.

Ryan Reynolds is a minor member of ‘Team X’ in this film. Team X consisted of other mutants such as John Wraith (Will.I.M), Chris Bradley (Dominic Monaghan), Agent Zero (Daniel Henney), and Fred Dukes (Kevin Durand).

The Deadpool character on The Wolverine movie has received a bad response. The first move of the Deadpool character was poorly executed. The previous fiasco of Ryan Ronalds reminded fans of Green Lantern . But 7 years later Ryan Ronalds ditched Fox’s Deadpool with the first standalone film Deadpool.

How Many Deadpool Movies Are There?

Deadpool (2016)

The first film of Ryan Ronalds’ Deadpool character was ‘Deadpool’, which was released in the year 2016. The first Deadpool movie, directed by Tim Miller, did everything right. This film was a huge success. And in the hearts of the people another super hero character was added, which we know by the name of Deadpool.

The first Deadpool film was successful and people liked it a lot. Especially those who watch comedy movies will love this one as this movie is full of comedy and jokes which never before has entertained people as much as Deadpool. And it was a fresh take on the superhero genre, full of in-jokes, comedy, a little gory and gory.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool) appears in the beginning of the film, working as a mercenary. He is a former Special Forces operative. Wade Wilson was in a relationship with a prostitute named Vanessa. At first Wade Wilson is overjoyed, but later it is revealed that he has terminal cancer and from then on his life comes back on track. In search of a cure, Ajax approached him. His cancer was not cured but the latter managed to trigger his secret mutant powers Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool.

How Many Deadpool Movies Are There?

Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool returns again, directed by David Leitch. Deadpool 2 was released in the year 2018. And once again Ryan Ronalds plays Deadpool and proves that the character of Deadpool was made just for him. Because this film was very successful. And this film is considered to be the most successful film of the X-Men series. Made for only $110 million, the film grossed $785 million. And because of this movie, people got to know more about the character of Deadpool.

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Deadpool 2 picks up where Deadpool left off in the first film. Vanessa and Wade Wilson are very happy because they are married. Wade Wilson and Vanessa plan to spend the rest of their lives together. On the night of the wedding anniversary, an abandoned target of Wade’s breaks into their apartment and kills Vanessa. A bedridden Wade Wilson is unable to cope with Vanessa’s death as he should. and sets Deadpool on a self-inflicted path of desperate vengeance.

How Many Deadpool Movies Are There?

Once Upon a Deadpool (2018)

Once Upon a Deadpool is a PG-31 version of the original Deadpool 2. It was released on December 21, 2018. Which is aimed at a younger audience. Ryan Ronalds tells the story to actor Fred Savage in a spoof of “The Princess Bride” in the film.

There was an allusion to his role as the grandson in “The Princess Bride”. The character of Fred Saubage was to be included. The film added a new layer of humor and self-awareness to the film. “Once Upon a Deadpool” offers a fun and entertaining alternative to the original film, showcasing the versatility of the character and the filmmakers’ willingness to take risks and try something new that is quite right.

Which Deadpool movie should you be watching?

If you like watching superhero movies, or you are a fan of any superhero. So I would tell you that you must watch Deadpool movie once. I imagine Deadpool’s list of your favorite superheroes will add up as well. If you think which Deadpool movie you should watch, then you must watch Deadpool and Deadpool 2 once, you will enjoy it. This is a very good two part film.

Will there be a Deadpool 3 movie?

In October 2021, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that Deadpool would return. And this movie will be on the lines of the previous two Deadpool movies. Jason Reitman was hired to direct Deadpool 3. And in this film, Hugh Jackman will also be seen playing the role of Wolverine. The film will be seen in theaters on 3 December 2024.

Once Upon a Deadpool (2018)

Who directed the three Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movies?

Deadpool debuts in X-Men Origins: Wolverine Happened in . And the director of this film was Gavi Hood. And the character of Deadpool was mainly created by the film ‘Deadpool’ directed by Tim Miller. The remaining two parts were directed by David Leitch.

Where to watch Deadpool movies?

You can watch all the Deadpool movies starting with X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Disney+. As per my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are available in USA on platforms like Netflix, HBO Max and Hulu. However, availability may vary depending on your country and region. Deadpool movies available to watch or not. It’s always a good idea to check with the specific streaming or rental platform in your area to see what is available.


Satisfy Your Spidey Cravings: Exploring the Iconic 2002 Spider-Man Poptart

2002 Spiderman Poptart, When the film “Spider-Man” directed by Sam Raimi was released in 2002, a new superhero was introduced to the people of the world. Whose lead actor was Tobey Maguire? The film was a critical and commercial success. At that time, about 20 years ago, the film grossed more than $800 million. Because of this Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film is still considered a classic superhero film. Along with the success of the film came many types of merchandise from action figures to lunch boxes. The most iconic of these was a now famous breakfast treat. However, 2002’s Spider-Man is a Pop-Tart.

2002 Spiderman Poptart Marvel Merchandising

Yes, you read that right, in 2002 Kellogg’s released a limited edition Spider-Man Pop Tart that pretty much coincided with the film’s release. The “Frosted Spidey-Berry” Pop-Tarts from 2002 is still fondly remembered by fans of both Spider-Man and Kellogg’s Delightables. The Pop Tart featured a strawberry filling representing Spider-Man and a blue and red icing design inspired by the Spider-Man costume. The packaging featured Tobey Maguire’s likeness as Spider-Man. Hitting the town with the new tag line “Get your Spidey senses tingling with the new Spider-Man Sin Tart!”.

2002 Spiderman Poptart

The idea of ​​a superhero themed breakfast pastries may sound strange, but it’s not entirely out of the ordinary for Kellogg’s. The company has a long history of releasing limited edition Pop Tart designs and flavors based on popular culture. For example, the company has released Pop-Tarts inspired by Hello Kitty, Star Wars, and not just Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

However, in this sense, Spider-Man Pop Tart is the most famous. Because it was directly associated with a live action film. The most popular of the merchandising used for Spider-Man in 2002 was the delicious Frosted Spidey-Berry Pop-Tarts. These Pop Tarts had a characteristic red crust instead of the usual brown color. Similarly, the frosting on top of the blue icing was gray icing which looked like cobwebs. The filling of the meal was “wildberry”, usually made from blueberries, blackberries, and raspberry is a mix between.

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2002’s Spider-Man Pop Tart also had an impact beyond the breakfast pastries world. The Spider-Man film was part of a larger trend of tie-in merchandise that had become a common practice in Hollywood. Today we got to see everything from action figures to clothing lines based on popular movies. The success of the Spider-Man Pop Tart also highlights the power of branding and the importance of a strong marketing campaign.

2002 Spiderman Poptart

In addition to Pop-Tarts, several other food and drink items took the opportunity to promote 2002’s Spider-Man. There was a Dr Pepper Spider-Man box. Although they did not have any special taste. There were pictures of Spider-Man on the box. Some cans had images of the Green Goblin on their cans, but it was difficult to find the Green Goblin in the can, as such cans were very rare.

The Amazing Spider-Man will also have its own unique pop-tart flavor in “Yum-Azing Vanilla”, which consists of vanilla stuffing, red top frosting and blue spider cocotte. Embedded cereal was another form of entertaining advertising that Andrew Garfield’s film incorporated.

2002 Spiderman Poptart

Of course, not everyone was addicted to Spider-Man Pop-Tarts. Some critics argued that this was an extreme example of commercialization and consumerism, with companies such as Kellogg’s using popular culture to further sell products. Others argued that Pop Cocottes were outrageous fun and that there was nothing wrong with enjoying a Spider-Man-themed snack.

No matter where you stand on the issue, there’s no denying that 2002’s Spider-Man Pop-Tart was a unique and memorable piece of movie tie-in ware. It may be a short-lived genre, but for a brief moment in 2002, the world was buzzing about a breakfast dessert inspired by one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.


Most Popular Batman Nickname You Didn’t Know

Batman is a superhero who has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world for more than 80 years. With his tough demeanor, unique detective skills, and sense of justice, Batman has become a symbol of justice and a cultural icon today. Batman has dedicated his life to fighting evil.

Most Popular Batman Nickname You Didn’t Know

One of the most interesting aspects of Batman is his nickname. Batman is not a superhero; The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, and The World’s Greatest Detective. The true identity of Batman is Bruce Wayne. But there are still many nicknames for Batman. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Batman’s most famous nicknames and explore the reasons why they’re a perfect fit for the Dark Knight.

most popular batman nickname

Dark Night

The Dark Knight is the most famous and popular of all Batman nickname . It is certainly the most iconic and widely recognized. The name reflects Batman’s dark, brooding personality and his willingness to go to any lengths to protect his city. It reflects This name of Batman also reflects his status as a symbol of justice.

Batman is known as a protector and silent guardian. Just as a medieval knight would stay overnight to guard his castle, so does Batman guard it to protect Gotham City. That’s why dark night has come in its name.

most popular batman nickname

the caped crusader

This name is the oldest nickname of Batman. And this name was first introduced in comics. Batman wears a special kind of cape as part of his costume. And the name refers to his costume. The “Caped,” refers to Batman’s costume, and the “Crusader” acknowledges what he does.

In the 1980s, there was a video game called Batman: The Caped Crusader. This nickname emphasizes his role as a warrior for justice, fighting against the forces of evil and darkness in Gotham.

most popular batman nickname

world’s greatest detective

Batman is known as the world’s most popular great detective because of his exceptional skills in deduction, investigation and forensic analysis. Batman is renowned for his ability to solve complex subjects and uncover clues that others would have overlooked. Batman has a brilliant mind. And not only this, he also has knowledge in some fields including science and psychology.

most popular batman nickname

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the dark avenger

The Dark Avengers is an nickname for Batman. And the name emphasizes Batman’s role as keeper of the night. An alcoholic who thrives in criminal gangs. Batman instills fear in people who look at the city with an evil eye.

most popular batman nickname

Gotham Guardian

Another nickname of Batman is the Gotham Guardian. Because of which Batman is known as Gotham Guardian. Batman protects the city of Gotham from evil, from corruption, from crime. Gotham is a fictional city, which is known as a dangerous and dark city. And Batman protects the people of this dark city.

most popular batman nickname

The bat

This nickname of Batman is very simple and effective. Which reflects Batman’s presence and habit of striking fear into the hearts of criminals. Inspired by the bat, Batman wears a bat-like vest. He is feared by the criminals as well as the people of Gotham. Batman appears as a shadowy figure in the darkness of the night. This nickname emphasizes his animalistic nature and willingness to use his fearsome appearance to intimidate his enemies.

most popular batman nickname


This is the original nickname for the character Batman, and is the first nickname used by Batman when Bruce Wayne became Batman. This nickname refers to Bruce Wayne’s bat-like appearance. Batman’s costume includes a bat-shaped cowl, bat-winged gloves and boots, and a bat symbol on his chest. Batman has many such weapons and gadgets which represent the bat itself.

most popular batman nickname

Malone matches

In the comics, this nickname was Batman’s fake identity. Using this nickname, Batman used to enter the criminal underworld to catch criminals. Using this name, Batman collects information about big criminals and catches them. After Malone’s death,batman  used the nickname. Malone is a petty criminal. But it wasn’t that bad.

most popular batman nickname


Batman had a complicated relationship with Talia, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. On some occasion these two have fought against each other. But still later Talia falls in love with Batman and she falls in true love with Batman.

In love, these two have made a relationship many times. Due to which a child of Batman was born who was named Damian Wayne. Soon Damian will leave al Ghul and join the Batman family.

most popular batman nickname


Batman got this nickname from his close friend Joker. The name is probably an abbreviated form of his name “Bat”. The Joker uses this nickname to insult and mock Batman. So that he can let Batman down. That is, Joker insults Batman by this name.

The Joker always uses this nickname not to humiliate Batman, but to tease him. But really, when Joker calls Batman Betsy, he’s actually doing it as a form of affection. And the name reflects the complex and intimate relationship between these two characters.



Pink Kryptonite’s Impact on Superman: An In-Depth Analysis

When someone talks about kryptonite, we only think of green kryptonite, but did you know that in Superman’s world, there is a special kind of kryptonite, pink kryptonite? Pink Kryptonite is the most controversial of all the Kryptonite introduced so far by DC Comics. Pink Kryptonite was introduced to destroy Superman’s traditional quick power. But the question is, what does Pink Kryptonite do to Superman?

Superman, the iconic superhero, has been around since the 1930s, and he has faced a variety of enemies and challenges throughout his long history. But in 2003, he faced a new and unexpected threat: Pink Kryptonite. In a controversial issue of the comic series, Superman encountered a new form of the fictional mineral that gave him unusual and unexpected powers. However, the story sparked controversy and was criticized by many fans who saw it as a misguided attempt to introduce an LGBT story into the Superman mythos.


Pink Kryptonite comes from a 2003 issue of “Supergirl” #79, in which Superman’s cousin Kara Jor-El discovers a new type of Kryptonite that gives Superman new powers. However, this was not the traditional green kryptonite that has been a staple of Superman stories for decades, but pink kryptonite, which had a very different effect on the Man of Steel. Instead of weakening or killing him, it made him feel “fabulous” and caused him to behave in stereotypically homosexual ways.

The issue was incontinently controversial, with numerous suckers censuring it as an attempt to appeal to an alleged LGBT followership. Some also indicted DC Comics, the publisher of Superman and Supergirl, for trying to introduce gay action into the Superman mythos. Others saw it as a deceptive attempt to be inclusive that eventually missed its mark.

What Does Pink Kryptonite Do To Superman?

DC Comics responded to the contestation by saying that the story was a humorous parody of the kidney and shouldn’t be taken seriously. He also stressed that the pink kryptonite wasn’t part of the canon and would not be used in unborn Superman stories. still, this did nothing to assuage angry suckers, numerous of whom saw it as a treason of the character they had grown up with.

The pink kryptonite controversy illustrates the difficult balance that comic publishers and creators must strike as they strive to be inclusive and diverse. On the one hand, it’s important to represent a wide range of experiences and perspectives in media, including LGBT people. On the other hand, it is equally important to respect the integrity of established characters and stories and avoid hype or tokenism.

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Several ridiculous book generators have successfully incorporated LGBT characters and themes into their stories, similar to Bat Woman and Northstar from the X- Men’. These characters weren’t created as gimmicks or to fulfill a political program, but were completely realized individualities whose sexual exposure was an aspect of their personality. In distinction, the foreword of Pink Kryptonite sounded forced and gimmicky, suggesting that homosexuality was to be scouted or treated as a joke.

Still, the pink kryptonite contestation shows that there’s still a long way to go. The comics assiduity, like any other assiduity, isn’t free of prejudices that live in society, and it’s important that publishers and cartoonists are alive of the impact their stories have on compendiums. While it’s important to strive for diversity and representation, it’s inversely important to do so in a regardful and authentic way.

What Does Pink Kryptonite Do To Superman?

Pink kryptonite has a profound and far-reaching effect on Superman. We know that golden kryptonite takes away Superman’s powers, green kryptonite hurts him deeply, silver kryptonite uplifts him, and then what pink kryptonite does to Superman.

What Does Pink Kryptonite Do To Superman?

In the comic book series” Supergirl”# 79, the fictional mineral known as pink kryptonite has a unique effect on Superman. Unlike traditional green kryptonite, which weakens the Man of Steel and can even kill him, pink kryptonite makes him feel” fantastic” and causes him to act in a stereotypically homosexual manner. This does not harm Superman physically, but it does change his behavior and personality in a significant way. It’s important to note that pink kryptonite isn’t considered canon and has not been used in future Superman stories.

When Superman is exposed to pink kryptonite, his entire gender changes. The Man of Steel transforms from the male version to the female version. Male Superman becomes female Superman, their characters remain the same, only their genders change. But it is a matter to be wondered how long its effect on Superman remains. But I am sure their effect will wear off after some time. 


Kang vs Thanos: Analyzing the Ultimate Battle of Marvel Villains

In today’s article, we will talk about who will win if there is a fight between Kang vs Thanos. But before knowing this, let us know from where these two characters have come and what is their strength. So that it can be known which of these two will win.

Overview of Thanos and Kang

Thanos and Kang are two of the most powerful and dominant villains in the Marvel Universe. Thanos is the original villain in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame, and Kang is the original villain in Ant-Man The Wasp quantumania. Thanos is a cosmic warlord who wants to wipe out half of the universe to prevent more life. Thanos possesses immense power, Thanos is able to wield the powerful Infinity Stones, which grant him control over various aspects of the universe.

Kang is called the lord of time. Because Kang wins time travel and can control space. Kang has advanced technology and is able to travel through different eras and alternate timelines. Kang is known by various aliases and personas. Which makes Kang an unpredictable and complex villain in the Marvel Universe.

kang vs thanos: who would win

Explanation of motivations and forces

Thanos’ main motivation is to maintain the balance of life in the universe by killing half of the universe. Thanos believes that overpopulation and limited resources lead humans to misery, and that the only way to restore it is to reduce the overpopulation by dying off. Thanos derives his superhuman strength, speed, and durability as well as the ability to harness the Infinity Stones. The Infinity Stones grant him control over various aspects of the universe, including time, space, mind, power, reality, and spirit.

Kang’s main motivation is to conquer all of time and space, and control it at his own hands. Kang is driven by a desire for power and control, as well as a desire to take revenge on his enemies. Kang draws power from his advanced technology, which allows him to travel through time and alternate timelines. Kang is also a brilliant strategist and strategist. Kang possesses a variety of abilities such as superhuman strength, agility, and durability, as well as the ability to manipulate time and technology.

Thanos and Kang are both incredibly powerful villains with complex motivations and abilities. Thanos wants to restore balance by killing half of the universe with the Infinity Stones. While Kang wants to conquer all space and time through his advanced technology and strategic mind.

kang vs thanos: who would win

Origin Story Of Thanos

Thanos was born on a planet named Titan, a moon of Saturn. Thanos was born with a physical deformity that made him look different from the rest of his race, causing him to be ostracized by his own people. Due to which Thanos was born with a passion for death and destruction from a young age and became a powerful and ruthless warrior.

Thanos believed that the only way to gain control of the universe was to collect the powerful Infinity Stones. And Thanos starts trying to collect all those stones. and the six Infinity Stones: Space Stone, Mind Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, Time Stone, and Soul Stone acquire all the Stones.

After Thanos obtained the six Infinity Stones, Thanos was able to control the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. A powerful weapon that helps him control the universe. Thanos uses the six Infinity Gauntlets to wipe out half of all life in the universe, believing it to be the only way to bring balance to the universe. And Thanos is defeated by the Avengers at the end of Avengers Endgame despite having immense power.

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Power Of Thanos 

Thanos is not only known for his time travel abilities, but Thanos has other powers and abilities that make him a formidable opponent. Thanos has a lot of abilities –

Combat Skills: Thanos is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and is adept in a variety of combats. And Thanos easily defeats his enemy with his combat skills.

Physical Strength: Thanos is incredibly strong and durable, capable of easily overpowering most opponents in physical combat.

Genius-Level Intelligence: Thanos possesses genius-level intelligence with an incredible understanding of science, technology, and strategy that makes him stronger and more powerful.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Thanos has a powerful regenerative healing factor that allows him to heal quickly from most injuries. And we have seen that at the end of Avengers Infinity War, Thanos has also survived Thor’s Stormbeaker’s injury and healing that injury quickly.

Energy Projection: Thanos is capable of projecting powerful energy blasts from his hands and eyes which is an amazing thing.

Advanced Technology: Thanos has access to incredibly advanced technology, including his mighty battleship, the Sanctuary I, which is equipped with a variety of weapons and protection. Thanos also has a large army, which helps him to win any war, to destroy any planet.

Teleportation: Thanos has the abilities of teleportation, due to which Thanos can come anywhere at any time, and can teleport not only himself but also others along with himself.

Thanos is a powerful and intelligent villain with a wide variety of abilities and access to advanced technology. While he may not have time travel abilities, his other powers and skills make him a formidable opponent.

kang vs thanos: who would win

Origin Story Of Kang

Kang is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first appearing in 1964’s Avengers #8. Kang’s origin story is complex, and Kang’s storylines have evolved over time through various comic books.

Kang’s real name is Nathaniel Richards, a time traveler from the 31st century. who in the 31st century The time machine made by Doctor Doom was discovered. Nathaniel Richards used a time machine to travel in time and became Baha Kang the Conqueror. After this, he started traveling through time.

A storyline revealed that Nathaniel Richards was a distant ancestor of Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four in Bastab. But another storyline also revealed that Kang was actually a time traveller. The villain was a young version of Immortus, trapped in the past. But it is not known how true these two stories are. This is why the story of Kang’s origin is fraught with complexity.

Despite the complexity of Kang’s origin story, Kang remains one of the most formidable villains in Marvel Comics. There is one. A battle for the Avengers and other heroes with Kang’s time travel and advanced tech mastery became a formidable opponent.

Power Of Kang

Kang the Conqueror is one of the most dangerous and powerful villains in Marvel Cinematic, with a wide range of abilities and resources that make him a formidable opponent for the Avengers and other villains. Here are some of his most notable powers and abilities:

Power of Time Travel: Kang has the ability to travel through time and manipulate the timeline. Kang can travel in time to alter it and create alternate realities. Kang can also create time portals.

Physical Enhancements: Kang has enhanced strength, durability, and agility, making him a formidable combatant in hand-to-hand combat. Kang also has a healing factor, due to which Kang can easily heal the wounds in his body.

Advanced Technology: I think that out of all the villains in the Marvel Universe, Kang has the most advanced technology. Including weapons, armor and vehicles that give him a significant advantage in battle.

Genius-level intelligence: Kang is a brilliant strategist with a deep understanding of history, technology, and time travel. He is also a skilled inventor and has created advanced weapons and equipment to aid his conquests. The power of Kang’s intelligence is very high, and through this power, Kang defeats his enemies.

Leadership Skills: Kang is a skilled leader and has built a vast empire that spans multiple time periods and dimensions. He commands a loyal army of soldiers and has allies and resources throughout history. And in any fight, Kang knows how to attack his enemy.

Overall, Kang’s power makes him a formidable and dangerous opponent, as he can manipulate time and technology to his advantage and possesses the intelligence and resources to overcome his foes.

kang vs thanos: who would win

If ever there is a fight between Thanos and Kang, only Thanos will win in that fight. Because Thanos’ Titan physiology makes him stronger, faster, and more durable. Thanos has various powers and abilities that affect reality, and is more powerful than Kang.

We have seen Kang in the live action movie Ant-Man Wasp the quantumania , due to which we don’t know the extent of Kang’s power, but we can compare Thanos to Kang’s comics. Still, Kang will not be able to stand in front of Thanos. Because Kang is not strong or powerful enough to defeat Thanos.

Despite his state-of-the-art armor and impressive reality-altering abilities, Kang has nothing to really go against Thanos. Thanos has a lot of physical strength and has the power of six Infinity Stones, in front of which any enemy starts kneeling.And not only this, Thanos also has a large army which will help him win the battle easily. Thanos wins in every scenario.

Dragon Ball Super 2 Upcoming Update

Dragon Ball Super‘s first season was released in 2015. And I can say without a doubt that Dragon Ball Super Season 1 won the audience’s hearts. The first season of Dragon Ball Super ended with 131 episodes on 25 March in the year 2018 with the epic story of Universal Survival Saga. There is a question within the thoughts of the audience, will Dragon Ball Super 2 be released, if it’s going to show up, when will it show up, what’s going to be its tale, and who may be its character? Being a Dragon Ball Super fan, I will try and answer a number of these questions.

Dragon Ball Super has been a fan-favorite anime since its release in 2015. The Series, which keeps the story of Goku and his friends, has been praised for its enticing storyline, vibrant animation, and epic combat scenes. Fans have been eagerly watching for news on a possible second season, and the first-class news is that it looks as if Dragon Ball Super 2 is in the works.

dragon ball super 2

When will Dragon Ball Super be released?

The show’s producers Osamu Nozaki and Atsushi Kido haven’t talked about Dragon Ball Super 2 yet. We can assume that no official release date for Dragon Ball Super 2 has been revealed yet. But being a devotee we can make a guess.

It seems that the anime community is very close to its release. Internet rumors suggest that Season 2 is likely to arrive in 2022. But considering that the production crew will be working on the season for most of 2022, it seems unlikely that Dragon Ball Super 2 will premiere in 2022. Maybe it will take time till 2023.

You have nothing to worry about because in any successful anime show Generally there is a lot of doubt left between the seasons. We just have to wait for it to come.

dragon ball super 2

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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cast

The entire cast of Season 1 will be seen in Dragon Ball Super Season 2 as well. Ryo Horikaba as Vegeta, Masako Nozawa as Son Goku, Sean Schemmel as Goku, Masakazu Morita Uesu as Narrator to Doctor Morgan, Mayumi Tanaka as Kuririn, Christopher Sabat as Vegeta, Koichi Yamadera as Can see as Birusu.

dragon ball super 2

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Plot

Dragon Ball Super 2 will likely continue the story from where the first season left off. The first season ended with the defeat of Jiren and the Universe 7 team winning the Tournament of Power. However, there are nonetheless many unanswered questions and unresolved storylines, and fanatics are hoping that the second season will provide a few answers.

One of the most important questions that fans were asking is what befell Frieza after the event. Frieza was resurrected by Universe 7’s team leader, Goku, in exchange for his help in the tournament. However, it is not clear what Frieza’s intentions are, and fans are hoping that the second season will shed some light on this.

dragon ball super 2

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 storyline

 this time there are some new heroes too. Broly and Beerus are training with Goku and Vegeta. Gaining strength as the primary antagonists of World 7, Bejeta and Goku have the potential to be a major threat.

It needs to be ascertained that everyone’s power Which villain will come to test. Frieza, Broly and Beerus are out. Maybe a new one is coming. The 2nd season goes to be very interesting.

In addition to new characters, enthusiasts are also hoping for greater epic fight scenes within the second season. Dragon Ball Super has been praised for its stunning animation and excessive-strength combat scenes, and fanatics are hoping that the second season will take this to the next level.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super 2 is enormously predicted by lovers of the series. With new characters, unresolved storylines, and epic fight scenes, Dragon Ball Super 2 is certain to be a hit with enthusiasts of the Series.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villains in MCU Ranked

There are many iconic and influential superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has earned many names today because of superheroes. But inside the Marvel Universe, there are not only heroes but also many such villains, who make the Marvel Cinematic Universe more popular. And challenges the heroes. It rules the hearts of the people along with the heroes. Like Thanos. I think Thanos’ name along with the Avengers will be remembered on the lips of every MCU devotee.

In this article, today we will talk about the 10 most powerful villains of MCU. Will rank them based on their strengths , origin story and overall impact to the franchise . From powerful gods to cunning masterminds, all the villains have left a mark on the minds of the audience and will be remembered by the audience for years. Dormammu, Thanos and 8 other super powerful villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Abomination (The Incredible Hulk)

The MCU created a Hulk-like villain named the Abomination to give tough competition to the Hulk. Whom we have seen for the first time inside The Incredible Hulk movie. and almost hulk to look at the abominationas it is.

The Abomination transforms into Hulk to fight Hulk. and began fighting the Hulk, claiming equal power. The Abomination has almost as much strength as the Hulk, being a giant beast. The Abomination is eventually defeated fighting alongside the Hulk. However, he still managed to dust himself off in time to cause some trouble for She-Hulk.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Ultron is a powerful and highly advanced artificial intelligence model created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Initially created to protect the world from threats, Ultron quickly becomes disillusioned with humanity. And Ultron decides that the only way to save his people and his planet is to destroy all human life.

Ultron begins attacking mankind with his intent. That’s when they come face to face with the great Avengers, the protectors of the world. Ultron is a formidable opponent for the Avengers, with all the Avengers fighting alongside him to prevent Ultron’s destruction. In the end, all the Avengers together defeat Ultron. Despite the defeat, Ultron’s influence within the MCU is significant. Because Ultron’s actions set the stage for future movie events and visions to build.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Namor: ( Black panther wakanda forever)

King Namor of Talokan is one of the most powerful and unpredictable villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Namor debuted in the MCU for the first time in the film Black Panther Wakanda Forever. Namor is called “Ku’kulkan” by the people of his kingdom. The people of the enemy say “Namor”. Namor lives under water. Baha fiercely protects his people and the underwater kingdom from every trouble. And will do anything to protect the empire.

Namor is a very powerful king. Namor doesn’t need to rely on weapons during combat. Namor has powers like super strength, he also has wings on his feet to fly. Because of which Namor can run faster under water. Namor’s presence in the MCU will bring new challenges and excitement. Because I have a feeling the hero is going to have a face-off with Namor and his underwater army in the upcoming MCU movie.

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Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Gorr (Thor Love and Thunder)

We have seen Gorr for the first time in the movie “Thor Love and Thunder”. At first, Gorr trusts God a lot, but later when his daughter falls ill, Gorr loses all faith in God. Because at this time not a single God came forward to help. Because of which Gorr wants all the gods to die.

Gorr receives a cursed power. then swept across the planet God starts dying. Mighty heroes like Thor have put up a tough fight. Not only Thor, the female version of Thor, Mighty Thor has also been given competition. Gorr uses his powers to achieve the impossible and reach the end. but in the end He becomes emotional, and expresses his wish to revive his daughter instead of letting all the gods die. He has a successful track record of bringing his evil plans to fruition.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Hela: ( Thor Ragnarok )

Hela is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hela is the Asgardian goddess of death. Hela’s immense power and her dark magic is truly Marvel’s most dangerous villain. Hela is the older sister of her adversaries Thor and Loki. Hela wants to take over the Asgardians by killing Thor and Loki. and wants to cast his dark spell on the Asgardians.

Hela has mastered dark magic. Dark magic that would enable Hela to easily defeat Marvel’s greatest heroes. Even a character as mighty as Thor begins to succumb to Hela’s dark magic. With her stunning outfit and powerful presence, Hela is one of the standout villains in the universe.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Loki: ( God of Mischief )

Loki is an Asgardian prince and the adopted son of King Odin of Asgard and the half-brother of Thor. I think of all the villains in the Marvel Universe, Loki would be the trickster. Loki has tricked Thor many times through his tricks. Despite his many crimes and betrayals, Loki has become a beloved villain within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his wit, charm, and cunning.

Loki is the master of illusion and manipulation. Loki’s mischievous nature gets the heroes of the MCU in trouble many times. As in “The Avengers”, by creating terror on Earth, he gets the Avengers team in trouble. Loki is also expert in changing his form. An example of which is seen in the opening scene in the movie “Thor Ragnark” where Loki is ruling as King Odin.

Loki is not just a villain in the MCU, he has fought alongside other heroes as well against the forces of evil. Whether working with or against the heroes of the MCU, Loki always manages to entertain us viewers.

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Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Thanos : (The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity War, Endgame)

Thanos is one of the most beloved villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos is a very powerful villain. Thanos is the only villain ever to have defeated all of the Avengers. And lands the entire Avengers team in trouble in Infinity War.

When Thanos has all the Infinity Stones, she becomes the most powerful villain and person in the MCU. Defeats mighty heroes with just a pinch of his fist. Thanos destroyed many planets, like Thor’s planet Asgardian that was destroyed in half.

Thanos being able to withstand the power of six Infinity Stones is a big deal. Because bearing the power of these six Infinity Stones puts any superhero’s life at risk. The proof of which we have seen in Avengers Endgame. Unable to withstand the power of the six Infinity Stones, Iron Man dies. Along with the Avengers, Thanos will also rule our hearts.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Scarlet Witch (Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness)

In “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, Doctor Strange’s antagonist is Wanda Maximoff, Wanda’s Master of Dark Magic. If America shabez does not hand over  till sunset then whoever comes in front of him will be swept away. Heartbroken and desperate to reunite with her boys, the Enchantress does the unthinkable and draws power from the Darkhold, which secretly corrupts her soul.

Scarlet Witch is very powerful. In the film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, when the Illuminati confront Scarlet Witch, Black Bolt, Captain Carter, and Mister Fantastic are all defeated by Scarlet Witch with her power. Even Professor X is killed by Scarlet Witch. Gets trapped in black magic.

Wanda Maximoff has always been a powerful being, but “Multiverse of Madness” takes her abilities to the next level by embracing the Scarlet Witch as her personality. In the process, she becomes one of the most formidable villains in multiple universes.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Dormammu (Doctor Strange)

Dormammu’s full abilities have never been shown in the MCU. Dormammu is a very powerful villain, only briefly seen in the Marvel Doctor Strange movie. Dormammu Cable appeared briefly in the finale of the Doctor Strange film. Doctor Strange didn’t beat him, Dormammu is trapped in an endless time loop by Doctor Strange.

Ruler of his own dark dimension, Dormammu’s level of power is unknown, but it must be enormous, as even Doctor Strange had no hope of influencing the villain. Even now, Dormammu waits on, as his defeat was more a cessation of hostilities than anything else.

Top 10 Most Powerful Villian in MCU Ranked

Kang the Conqueror: ( Ant-man Wasp The Quantumania )

Kang the Conqueror is a brilliant and cunning villain who can travel through time. By traveling in time, Conqueror Kang can go to any era and win the battle. Thereby making him a formidable opponent for the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kang is very clever and smart. Kang is a master of technology, weapons and strategy, Kang aims to maintain his rule over all time and space. Kang’s time travel abilities allow him to gather knowledge from different eras. Kang has such a weapon which is very futuristic and advanced. There are many forms of Kang in the multiverse. With his cunning mind and powerful technology, Kang the Conqueror is a formidable character and a threat to reality.

I Am Legend 2 Everything To Know About

I Am Legend was released in 2007, And this film was very much liked by the people, and this film became a blockbuster. Will Smith originally starred in this film. This film became one of the most iconic films of Will Smith. More than 15 years later, Warner Bros. is following up on the success of the film with a sequel to the film, I Am Legend 2.

I Am Legend 2 Everything To Know About

If you are excited about I Am Legend 2, then you can read this article completely, I hope, through this article, you will be able to know a lot about I Am Legend 2. Like when will this film be released, who is acting in the film, what is going to be the story of the film – everything.

I Am Legend 2.

In the first part, the story of scientist Robert Neville was shown. We have seen that after failing to make a cure for cancer, along with humanity most of the parts start dying. which some humans and some parts survive, and the rest become zombies and vampires. Neville survives on the streets of New York City. With whom there is no one but his beloved dog Samantha. Robert devotes his scientific knowledge to a desperate last-ditch effort to cure the mutants’ disease and save the human race.

I am legend 2 release date

Although there is the  good news of I Am Legend’s second part, but there is no fixed release date of this film yet. Writer Akiva Goldsmith  suggested that work on the film with Warner Bros. would begin soon. But still an estimate is expected to hit the big screens in late 2024 and early 2025.

I Am Legend 2.


The Cast of I Am Legend 2

As of now, the names of more artists have not been revealed yet. But two main actors were selected. Will Smith will reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville, along with Michael B. Jordan would be But it is not yet known what role he will play. I think Will Smith as well as Michael B. Jordan will play an important role this time. It’s also unclear whether Neville’s fellow survivors, Anna (Ellis Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan), will also return.

I am legend 2 story line

After a lot of questions surrounding I Am Legend 2, Akiva Goldsmith takes a look at the film’s sequel. He also confirmed that the new film would omit the original ending, with Neville sacrificing himself to kill the mutants and allowing Anna and Ethan to escape.

In the ending that would follow I Am Legend 2, Neville learns that the infected are not there to kill him, but to save one of their own – the infected have captured Neville as a test subject. He then understands that they see him as a demon. In the same interview, Goldsman pointed to The Last of Us as a strong inspiration for the sequel.

He admitted that he was interested in exploring a post-apocalyptic world where nature takes over again, and hinted that the story would be set in New York City, similar to I Am Legend.

Doctor Doom vs Kang- Who Will Win In a Fight ?

Both Doctor Doom and Kang are powerful villains within the Marvel Universe. In fact, both are humans. We have previously seen Kang in Ant-Man, The Wasp, and Doom in Fantastic Four. But have you ever thought that who will win if there is a fight between the two? If you don’t have the answer, I have the answer.

Both Doctor Doom and Kang are very powerful characters. Before who will win the fight, let’s look at the characteristics and abilities of these two. It will be easy for us to find out, who will win if there is a fight between these two.

Doctor Doom vs Kang- Who Will Win In a Fight ?


It would be a bit difficult to estimate Kang’s intelligence. Because Kang’s intelligence is not less than any superpower. Kang has experience and knowledge of many of his variants in the multiverse, making Kang the smartest character within Marvel.

Kang is very clever. Kang can easily travel in time. Can bend time. Kang has been able to gather knowledge in history and technology from various timelines and realities. He is also credited with creating several techniques to aid him in his battles, which shows how clever he is. Also believed to be Kang Reed Richards And even more intelligent than Tony Stark. What do you think.

Doctor Doom is also a very clever and intelligent character. Because Doom’s biggest weapon is his intelligence. Due to which she easily defeats even her powerful opponents. He has expertise in all levels of physics, robotics, genetics, biochemistry, weapons technology, and time travel.

Doctor Doom designed power transfer devices, was able to restore Ben Grime to his true form, built a time machine, and not only that, but a robot of some sort. Doctor Doom the Silver Surfer with his infinite intelligence, The Beyonder has been able to defeat such powerful characters as the panther goddess Basset and even the Hulk.

Even though their talents seem to be similar, I would say that Kang the Conqueror has a slight advantage for having access to knowledge from multiple timelines and realities. Furthermore, Kang is a descendant of Reed Richards, meaning he has inherited and gained intelligence over time.

doctor doom vs kang


Kang’s armor is made from a rare synthetic alloy dating back to the 40th century. Because of which Kang has the most advanced and futuristic armor in the entire Marvel Universe. Kang’s armor is so advanced and futuristic that it somehow protects him from attack. Kang is a normal human being and does not have any superpowers. But his battle armor gives him some superhuman strength. Because of which Kang’s power is not less than any supernatural power.

Kang’s armor gives him the ability to lift objects as heavy as 5 tons, create temporary portals to travel in time, withstand a nuclear explosion with ease, and generate powerful electric shocks with the help of his hands , Can explode concrete with fingers. Kang can also snap his fingers to summon any weapon he holds during the time stream while wearing the armor.

Doctor Doom also has the armor of the deadliest suits. Doctor Doom’s armor is made of titanium metal, and his armor is advanced and futuristic as well as AI. Doom’s suit was magically created in a Tibetan monastery. A gifted genius, she was able to technologically develop it over the years and turn it into a deadly weapon.

The Armor of Doom grants him immense strength, increased durability, an increased healing factor, and enhanced reflexes and senses. On some occasions this grants him the ability to fly. The suit can also generate 100,000 megavolts of net energy, which can be released as surge. The Armor of Doom can also fire massive lightning bolts and generate a strong electric force field that protects him from harm. Doom’s suit of armor also has infrared vision, recycling systems, sensory systems, thermal units, and many other features.

Doctor Doom’s armor is more powerful, advanced and safety  than Kang’s futuristic armor. It’s the fact that the Armor of Doom combines sophisticated science and sorcery to create an incredibly destructive weapon. Doom can use armor to improve his abilities as a mage. The armor is also capable of firing extremely powerful magical blasts, in addition to its many other weapon-based offensive abilities.

Doom built his armor so that he could travel through time and become a being with god-like abilities, making it arguably the most powerful armor in the Marvel Universe. It’s still a close call, though, as Kang’s suit contains advanced futuristic technology.

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Magic Power 

If we talk about the magic power of Doctor Doom and Kang, then Doctor Doom has more magic power than Kang. Which will play a big part in Doom winning with Kang.

Doctor Doom originally used his technology during a fight with the Fantastic Four. But later the makers have felt that their power needs to be upgraded. At first Doctor Doom was a master of the arcane arts in the Himalayas, but became a master of the occult when he traveled to the past to learn magic from the talented magician Morgan Le Fay.

Doctor Doom learned arcane magic from the great magician Doctor Strange. Doctor Doom has also traveled to the dawn of creation where he has spent millions of years perfecting his magical skills. Doctor Doom’s magical abilities are so great that, if Doctor Doom ever retires, Doctor Doom will be the first great magician after him.

If there ever was a fight between Kang and Doctor Doom, there’s no doubt about it Doctor Doom will use his dark magic. And Kang will have no way to escape this mysterious spell.

While both Kang’s and Doom’s armor give them some measure of increased strength, speed, and durability, Doom will undoubtedly have an advantage through magic. This is because Doom uses magic to enhance the power of his armor, making it far superior to the capabilities of Kang’s battle armor.

This is evident on several occasions. For example, Doom is able to display great strength and speed when fighting the Hulk and Spider-Man. Since he improved his suit with magic, he was also able to withstand an explosion of the Infinity Gauntlet at close range.

So not only can Doom use magic as an attack and defence mechanism against Kang, but he can also use magic to become stronger, faster, and more resilient than Kang’s suit ever could. Is.

doctor doom vs kang


Kang the Conqueror has an indomitable will that makes him extremely fearless and unwavering in his pursuit of achieving his goals. Although he does not usually display his willpower, we have seen situations where he has been forced to use this particular ability. For example, he was able to use his strong willpower to separate himself from his future version of Immortus so that he could become an entity in his own right.

In comparison, few creatures in the Marvel Universe have the same willpower as Victor Von Doom. Dr. Doom’s willpower is so great that it is actually more of a superpower than an ability. His willpower is fueled by the belief that he is the strongest and greatest, and with that determination, his willpower is simply terrifying.

He demonstrated this incredible willpower on many occasions. For example, while he spent an inordinate amount of time in hell being tortured by demons, he never showed even a hint of pain or refused to give in to it. But pure spiritual energy. His will is also so strong that he was able to resist Emma Frost’s mind-reading powers.

As a master of the mystic arts, it is only logical that Doom possesses an unshakable willpower that allows him to cast extremely powerful spells that even the most skilled mages could not perform.

Who Will Win?

If someday there was a fight between Doctor Doom and Kang, there is no doubt that Doctor Doom would win the fight. Kang is smart, but nothing compares to the cleverness and magic of Doctor Doom.


“My Enemies Call Me Namor”- Namor Talking

Black Panther Wakanda Forever is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Panther. And this movie is the second movie of Black Panther which is going to release in 2018. It is the 30th film of the Marvel Universe. Black Panther Wakanda Forever was released on November 11, 2022. It was a very amazing film.

I think Namor has a big role in the amazingness of this film. Black Panther has released a new featurette to promote Wakanda Forever, and the featurette focuses on the titular character from the film.

My Enemies Call Me Namor

My Enemies Call Me Namor

Black Panther Wakanda Forever became a very special film because of Namor’s character. Because Marvel has shown the character of Namor very well in this film. Namor was portrayed by Tenoch Huerta in the film. Namor is an Atlantean king. Being the king, Namor protects his kingdom from every trouble. Namor’s kingdom is called Talokan, which lies under the sea.

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My Enemies Call Me Namor

Namor is very powerful. Everyone gets into trouble for the welfare of the people of his empire. As seen in the film. To keep the people of her empire and her empire hidden from any other country, she fights with the Wakandans. And during this fight Namor said, he has many names.The people of my empire call me “K’UK’ULKAN“. But the people of the enemy know him by the name Namor. Which means “Avenging Son”.

Namor as a Hero and Villian

In the Marvel Universe, Namor has played both a villain and a hero. He has battled with the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers as a hero. He has defended the planet from several dangers, including the evil Thanos.

However, Namor has also had a villainous side, exploiting his abilities for selfish ends and leaving a swath of devastation in his wake. He has engaged in combat with the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the X-Men, and even the surface world.

The Marvel Universe and Namor

In the Marvel Universe, Namor has had both numerous allies and adversaries. He has engaged in combat with characters like as Magneto, Doctor Doom, and the Hulk. He has also been a part of the Illuminati, a hidden society of strong men who cooperate to save the planet from dangers.

Namor has appeared in several Marvel comic books and films, including as X-Men: First Class, The Fantastic Four, and The Avengers.

Disputations Regarding Namor

Fans have regularly disagreed on Namor’s multifaceted personality. Others understand him as a crook who wrecks havoc wherever he is going, even as a few see him as a misunderstood hero.

Namor has also been criticised for being a villain and for appearing contrary to what is expected of a superhero, in step with his detractors.