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Homelatest postWhy Fantastic Four are Important for Secret Wars?

Why Fantastic Four are Important for Secret Wars?

Do you know the fantastic four are rumored to be seen quickly? but more important than rumors is how important are fantastic four in the multiverse saga. you know that no movie has given Avengers a level vibe in the whole multiverse saga. that’s because genius people, people with leadership qualities, and a proper team-up have not been shown.

Pick any Avenger movie there is a genius, A leader and a powerful Avenger have been shown. Phase Four was setting up new characters and powerful Avengers were working in the background, Genius, and leader have not been seen in a team. But Fantastic Four is a mini Avengers team, In which the genius and leader are the same people, And he is not just genius but super genius. There is a person to bind the team and powerful people are of course there. But among them,  the most important character in Multiverse Saga is Reed Richards.

Why Fantastic Four are Important for Secret Wars?

Who are the Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four were seen for the first time in Fantastic Four #1. In Reed Richard’s adventure team accidentally gets powers due to cosmic radiation. When they went to the space. In the comic book origin of Fantastic Four in which they went to space, Instead of that Marvel can show the adventure team on a Quantum Realm trip. This team has Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, A super brilliant aeronautical engineer, Who got the power to stretch his body from cosmic radiation.

Reed’s girlfriend Susan Storm can control air and bend light to turn invisible, Plus she can also make a force field. Susan’s brother Johnny can fly And can convert into flame and use it. Reed’s friend Ben Grimm got incredible strength and durability. But his body transformed into orange looking stone. Fantastic Four and X-Men does not have much difference, But Fantastic Four underwent genetic mutation after being in contact with cosmic radiation, Whereas mutants were born with the mutations.

These four decided to use their powers for the welfare of humanity And then formed Fantastic Four. This is the first superhero team from Marvel and this team has faced the most dangerous villains. like – Dr. Doom, Galactus, Ronan the Accuser, Annihalus, Namor and the skrulls. This team is Marvel’s pride and was created inspired by DC’s Justice League.

People like Stand Lee and Jack Kirby have worked and started Marvel Method. However, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby kept fighting for a while about whose original idea was it. And why would not they fight until the year 2005 Fantastic Four had already sold more than 150 million comics?

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Now coming to the importance of the team. Fantastic Four is crucial for Marvel, A team of super-powered beings who come with their problems. The Thing is short-tempered, and Human Torch is always annoyed because everyone treats him like a child. Mr. Fantastic blames himself for the Things abnormal body and the failure of the space mission.

The four keep fighting among themselves but as a team, they work fantastically. All families in the world work like that. That’s why they are the most relatable comic book characters among fans. Marvel’s first family. And currently, their importance is further high. In Marvel active leaders and genius characters are missing, An enormous space is empty. A person is needed who would at least know about the science of the surrounding environment. And especially the science of the multiverse.

And here comes the most important character of the whole Multiverse Saga- Reed Richards. Who is a polymath? Who invented a device to travel between alternate realities, Reed was the person working on saving his reality from Incursion. And during Secret Wars, Reed with his son rebuilt the multiverse and rectified everything. And currently, Marvel Cinematic Universe is dealing with the same problem. Whose solution is Reed Richards?Why Fantastic Four are Important for Secret Wars?

Why Fantastic Four are Important for Secret Wars?

We knew William Jackson Harper being in the Quantumania. William is known among fans because of The Good Place, and Midsommar performance. Recently in an interview with Empire, it was revealed that William is playing Qauz’s role. And he will have telepathic powers. Fans believe Quaz is the short form of Quasar.

Quasar is a humanistic hero having awesome cosmic powers in Marvel comics. And he uses his powers for the sake of others. Quaser in comics also travels space and other dimensions. However, Quaser whose real name is Wendell Vaughn had quantum bands. Quantum bands enable its user to use the quantum zone or the Quantum Realm energy.

Now you must have understood why Quaz is misinterpreted with Quaser. The appearance of Quaser straight hints at the appearance of the Fantastic Four and even Galactus. In the Fantastic Four and Quaser crossover storyline they all fought Galactus to save Johnny Storm or Human Torch.

Rumors are that Fantastic Four is stuck in Quantum Realm, And Quaser and his quantum bands will help Fantastic Four to escape it. But for that, Quaser has to understand quantum bands just like in comics. Now I would like to state some fun facts about Quaser and Fantastic Four. So that you know how awesome they are. Fantastic Four is the first superhero group from Marvel. Plus this group or family members have powers similar to Earth elements.

The Thing’s powers resemble Earth, Johnny Storm’s powers with fire, Susan Storm with air as she can manipulate the air around her, And Reed Richards’ flexible body characteristics are similar to water. Mr. Fantastic aka Reed Richards And Invisible Woman aka Susan Storm’s son is an omega-level mutant.

Who can manipulate reality and even holds Sainik’s powers. And his sister Valeria Richards is the second smartest female Marvel character. Reed Richards and Doctor Doom are not much different intellectually. Only Dr. Doom’s past is a little complicated, Because of this he kept rivalry, and in a failed experiment he damaged his face. Also, Doom’s mother was a witch who died because of Mephisto.

This is also a reason why Doom was able to be a sorcerer. Su Storm’s brother Johnny Storm is the renovator of the parent company of Marvel: Timely Comics’ character Android Human Torch. Which on-display synthesis was seen in Captain America the First Avenger? It is believed that Fantastic Four MCU is stuck in the Quantum Realm of the 1960s. Probably this synthezoid is a hint to that. Ben Grimm was the roommate of Reed Richards during college. And his best friend too. He is also called the Monster with a Heart of Gold. Who is an amazing pilot?

Quaser aka Wendell Vaughn was a Shield agent, Who while guarding Stark International wears the quantum bands, Also he was the head of security during Project Pegasus. Project Pegasus in MCU, has been discussed in Captain Marvel and the First Avenger movie. Quaser Wendell Vaughn when hits his quantum bands, can swap places with 4th Quaser Avril Kincaid. This process is known as quantum swap, We saw the same thing at the end of Ms. Marvel.

When Kamala’s bangle glows and she changes her place with Captain Marvel. Quaser apart from saving the universe has dealt with Thanos, Has solved Watcher’s problem, And on top of that, he had saved the life of the Living Tribunal. Quaser is so strong that he never uses his full power on his opponents. He has a standard procedure containing, drains, and attack. By which he tries to stop his opponents as peacefully as possible.





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