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Namor Vs Aquaman – Who Will Win? MCU vs DCEU

Today’s battle comparison is going to happen between the kings of the sea Namor vs Aquaman. On one side is Dc‘s Aquaman and on the other side is Marvel’s Namor. which is called by the people of his kingdom “kukulkan”. Both these characters are Very powerful inside their universe. Where both of them do complete underwater rules.

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Aquaman are both similar characters. Namor is first introduced by MCU in black panther wakanda forever and Aquaman is introduced by dc in the year 2018 in the Aquaman movie. So that’s why Let’s do a fight comparison between these two. do you know which of these two is more powerful? Namor Or Aquaman.

Who Came First? Namor Or Aquaman

Namor the Sub-Mariner is generally considered to be the first modern comic book superhero to be introduced who lived underwater. He was created by writer-artist Bill Everett and first appeared in “Motion Picture Funnies Weekly” #1, published by Funnies Inc. in April 1939.

Aquaman, on the other hand, was created by writer Mort Weisinger and artist Paul Norris and made his first appearance in “More Fun Comics” #73, published by DC Comics in November 1941. Before seeing the fight comparison of Namor and Aquaman, we know the origin and power abilities of these two. So that we can clearly understand the fight between them.

Namor vs aquaman who will win

Namor Origin & Power 

Namor is one of the world’s earliest superheroes. Which first appeared within the year 1939. Namor is also the king of the Atlantic in Marvel comics. talk about its parents, Namor’s father is a human and his mother is an Atlantic princess.

That’s why Namor is half human and half Atlantean in the Marvel comic, but according to the Mcu namor is a token. Those who live underwater. Namor is different from all Talokan. Because it can live both inside and outside the water.

Namor vs aquaman who will win

Talking about Namor’s powers, he is superhuman strength, Superhuman durability, super speed, super stamina, reflexes, flight, regenerate healing factor, and telepathy. Namor’s body is also designed in this way, He can survive under any kind of water in all kinds of conditions. Namor’s physical strength is so powerful, He can lift something heavy with only his hands.

Namor As Powerful As Hulk And Thor Inside Marvel Comics were told. even within the MCU, m’baku has compared Namor’s strength to that of the Hulk. Namor’s body is so strong that no impact force, gunshot, and bomb blast have any special effect on him.

Namor also has wings on his feet, with which he can fly but can also increase his speed many times while swimming in the water. And talk about Namor’s speed That speed is faster than any military aircraft.

Namor vs aquaman who will win

talking about Namor’s weapon, like Wakandans, Namor also uses Vibranium Uses a weapon made of. in his first fight in the MCU, Namor picks up a heavy Wakanda ship and throws it a long way. Has battled Shuri’s Black Panther and defeated mighty Wakandans like M’baku with one punch.

Now ahead of Talking about some other power of Namor, Namor has lifted many big ships and submarines many times in the comics. a character as powerful as Ronan He has killed with a single punch.

He has fought with Hulk underwater and rendered him unconscious, and once sentry Blood has come out of his mouth after punching him. And this thing is very big because the sentry is the most powerful superhero in Marvel. That’s why extracting blood from a sentry’s mouth is not a small matter.

namor vs aquaman who will win

Now let’s talk about Namor’s weakness in front of them, then Namor’s biggest weakness is staying out of water for too long, because for too long Being out of water gradually weakens his strength. that’s why if Namor is fought in a hot place, then Namor becomes very weak. and this thing from black panther wakanda forever movie is Very well shown inside.

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namor vs aquaman who will win

Aquaman Origin & Power

Aquaman I mean Arthur Curry Atlantis queen of Atlanta and is the son of a human. Because of this Aquaman is half human and half Atlantean. aquaman is an important member of dc’s justice league, as well as dc There is also a powerful character in the universe. talk about Aquaman of power, superhuman strength, superhuman durability, enhance speed, superhuman stamina, agility, telepathic senses, and regenerated healing factors.

namor vs aquaman who will win

Aquaman’s body is half human and half Atlantean. That’s why they can survive in all kinds of conditions underwater can survive. Aquaman’s physical strength is so high that he can break iron and metal with his hands. in dc’s Aquaman movie, Aquaman lifts a huge submarine and takes it out of the water and the weight of that submarine is about five lakh tons.

Aquaman’s durability too is so much that any high-caliber bullet, even powerful explosives does not have much effect on it. Aquaman’s healing factor is also much better. That is why he can also heal his injury quickly.

namor vs aquaman who will win

 Aquaman’s healing factor is also the highest of all Atlanteans. Along with this, the black manta’s laser beam does not have much effect on Aquaman inside the Aquaman movie. This laser of the black manta is as dangerous as Superman’s heat vision. Aquaman’s speed is also very fast. If Aquaman is underwater, then he is several miles away, Can complete the distance in just a few seconds.

Aquaman also has a powerful trident, which allows him to It also provides magical power. that’s why Aquaman blasts water with the help of his trident, Can create force fields, and deflect magical attacks on himself. If he wants, he can also bring cyclones and tsunamis under the water with the help of his trident.

namor vs aquaman who will win

Aquaman many Can also use weapons easily. Apart from this, Aquaman also has the power of marine telepathy. He can not only talk to the sea creatures but can also control them and get them to do their work. so forth Now talk about some powerful feed of Aquaman, Aquaman so powerful characters like Superman and wonder woman in dc comics By fighting with them, he has given them equal competition.

Many times he has even saved the entire justice team from many big dangers. Apart from this, Aquaman has once damaged one of Darkside’s eyes with the help of his trident. once Aquaman is enough Lived inside burning lava for some time, that too without any problem.

 finally, let’s talk about Aquaman’s weakness, So Aquaman has only one weakness, and that is the lack of water. Because if Aquaman can’t find water long enough Due to dehydration, their body starts getting weak. he gradually starts getting weaker.

Now after knowing the power of both Aquaman and Namor, now let’s talk about their fight, and know, in these two Who is more powerful?

namor vs aquaman who will win

Namor Vs Aquaman – Who Will Win?

Aquaman and Namor are almost identical characters. That’s why the power of both is almost equal. But if ever there is a fight between these two, then Aquaman will win that fight. so I Can say because there has been a fight between these two once in the comics. Aquaman wins that fight. This fight happened in 1996 inside the dc versus Marvel cross-over comic. the comic series Inside, a deadly battle ensues between Aquaman and Namor.

But after a long fight, Aquaman regains his Defeats Namor using magical powers. Also, a big reason why Aquaman won, Aquaman’s intelligence is much higher than Namor’s. Namor on the other hand is full of rage There is a character who has lost himself several times during the fight. Due to this, many characters have beaten him till now. So if Aquaman and Namor fight, Aquaman will use her intelligence and the magical power of the trident to defeat Namor.

Conclusion Aquaman Win.



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