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Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

we’ve talked about a lot of speed-based superheroes over the years. especially the Flash,  the 10 fastest characters in dc comics but we’ve never narrowed down a list of the top 10 overall fastest heroes in all of comics. that is until today now I will say dc kind of owns Marvel and pretty much every other superhero publisher.

when it comes to speedsters because of their speed force so for today’s purposes, we lumped in all the speed force characters into one spot or else. this entire top 10 list would likely be made up of speed force characters anyway with that clarification out of the way let’s see which characters make up our top 10 fastest superheroes in comics.

Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

#10.QUICK SILVER top 10 fastest superhero in comic

kicking off our list is one of the most popular fast characters in all of comics and that would be Marvel’s quicksilver. he’s incredibly fast originally able to reach the speed of sound which is about 770 miles per hour. but exposure tie Evolutionary’s isotope e made it possible for him to run at supersonic speeds of up to Mach 5 which is 3805 miles per hour. traveling at this speed allows him to do things like outrun gravity for short periods right on top of water up walls and a bunch more.

Quick Silver and the Flash are easily two of the most popular characters known for their speed. but when looking at the overall picture and not just talking about running fast there are nine other characters, that we feel outrank Quicksilver on this list. although this list was based on epic and hilarious speed sequences and superhero films. specifically the stuff from the X-Men movies he would be number one.


Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

next up we have Supergirl now this shouldn’t be a shock to anyone given that she’s a Kryptonian and is essentially the female version of Superman. some would put her way higher on this list with that said given her Kryptonian physiology. she’s incredibly powerful on every level but for our purposes, she’s incredibly fast she’s been shown to fly at the speed of light which I feel is essentially the standard for being an incredibly fast fictional character if you say they could fly at the speed of light.

then you know, they can book. Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity famously says no known object can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum now given since then scientists have discovered certain particles and things that are faster than light but I’m not here to break down the history of speed and physics for everyone I’m just trying to make a point and that point is supergirl is remarkably fast.  not only can she move at the speed of light via flying she’s almost comparable to that Superman and the Flash on foot what I’m saying is she easily earns her spot on the list.

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#8. wonder woman

top 10 fastest superhero in comic

number eight is wonder woman. it’s no secret that Diana is arguably the greatest warrior in all of the dc universe. her enhanced strength and physiology give her a massive edge over all the other fast characters. the easiest way to understand how fast wonder woman is. is the Flash himself once said she’s able to keep up with him at his regular cruising speed. however, she is no match for him at top speed. but the fact she’s even in the same ballpark as someone like the Flash is insane.

But makes sense as over the years she has been shown to move at the speed of light.  and like most characters on this list her speed isn’t limited to just running fast her reflexes and reaction time are incredible combine that with her super strength that could rival Superman’s and you have one of the most formidable characters in all of comics.

#7. Makkari

Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

next is markkari of the eternal. this dude is a god. if you’ve seen the Eternal movie, you know what I’m talking about eternal, have many different powers and abilities. but they seem to hone in and focus on one to master and Makkari mastered his super speed that’s right he focused his body’s cosmic energy on speed. because of this, he’s able to run at light speed for extended periods.

Makkari is a super unique character as again he was so obsessed with being fast that he drained all of his other eternal’s abilities and channeled them into his speed. which made him become one of the fastest characters in all of Marvel and just all of comics. we also don’t know the limits of his speed which is why he’s right in the middle here on the list.  because he’s an eternal who’s obsessed with speed one could only imagine that having that kind of power and channeling it into your speed would make it nearly limitless. but only time will tell as we get more stories of them.

#6. NOVA

Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

we’ve got a character that you’ve been dying to see in the mcu ever since the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie and that of course is Nova of the nova corps now this is where things start getting super crazy on our list as up until now characters have just been able to travel at the speed of light but nova is capable of moving beyond the speed of light and crossing star clusters in seconds he derives his speed from the nova force we also see in guardians of the galaxy issue 16 that he can open up wormholes through the fabric of space and time to collapse distances nova isn’t nearly as fast on foot but he’s still able to run several hundred miles per hour. however, when flying his speeds are so fast if he traveled at top speeds inside of the Earth’s atmosphere, he would cause a lot of harm.


Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics
Captain Marvel carol danvers over the last several years has been dubbed by Marvel to be one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. she’s an all-around powerhouse, but as for her speed. she could fly faster than light which she uses to journey across the galaxy. she’s able to do this by accessing her binary power. essentially what I’m saying is like most cosmic beings in the Marvel universe.

She’s incredibly powerful and her speed is insane as again she could move faster than light throughout the galaxy. I feel like there’s not much more I have to say I mean everyone knows captain marvel is incredibly powerful. it seems when the writers asked how powerful should she be, Marvel just said yes.


Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

One of my favorite dc heroes and that would be Shazam. now the official top 10 fastest dc character ranking put Shazam at number nine. but I highly disagree, so much so that I think he is the fourth fastest hero in all of comics. I mean the dude possesses the speed of Hermes mercury. for those of you who are unaware in Roman mythology the Greek deity Hermes was known as mercury. point is Shazam possesses the speed of a god.

He’s as fast as a lightning bolt, he can travel at light speed and even beat or catch other characters that move at the speed of light. shazam has been shown to rival Superman and speed and in some cases has been said to be faster than Superman depending on the story or continuity. case in point injustice by alex ross shazam is shown to be faster than Superman and even caught up to barry allen flash who is pretty much the gold standard for speed in comic books. so again number nine on the official dc comics fastest list no way dude which is why we put him at number four on the fastest superheroes in all of comics.


Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

Next up on the list and making its way into the top three is another Marvel character and that is none other than the silver surfer. silver surfer is yet another cosmic superhero powered by the power of cosmic. the power cosmic makes him an all-around powerhouse of a character. but in terms of speed and enables them to cross the entire universe in the blink of an eye he is so fast. You could argue that he’s warping space and time.

Nonetheless, he gets where he’s got to go in an instant practically. put it this way in silver surfer vol 3 issue 109, it was stated that he could rip open a gaping hole in the fabric of reality itself and fly at warp speed to cross half a million light years in moments in silver surfer the enslavers issue 58. he flew so fast he twisted the very fabric of matter in thor 193 silver surfer moved so fast that he went forward in time. he also has several feats in comics where he reacted in a microsecond. The point is there’s no question that silver surfer is one of the fastest characters around and I think deserves the number three.


Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

Coming in runner-up is the Man of steel superman, now this shouldn’t be a shock to any of you I mean it’s Superman. superman is always at the top of any how powerful or greatest feats list. we’ve done several episodes talking about Superman’s strength like is Superman the most powerful superhero and Superman’s strongest moments.

But today we’re talking about speed first and foremost the flash Superman has raced several times and Superman is always able to keep up with the flash. with that said though if the Flash is trying no shot but you guys get what I’m saying well. I just have to give you one example to prove just how freaking fast Superman is. in the silver age, superman legitimately broke through all the planes of reality with his speed and power. you see in Superman in the Spectre issue 29.

Superman was looking for Supergirl so he started flying through space as the captions say with a speed that all but beggars description superman flashes through the limitless darkness pushing himself harder and faster until he surpasses the speed of light. itself it goes on to say the glittering stars in their majesty become mere luminous blurs as the man of steel hurtles past them shattering the confining barriers of space and time.

As if they were fragile tissue pushing harder and faster superman ultimately burst through the very bonds of infinity with him even saying insanity’s name what have I done but he keeps going to the point where the specter had to intervene and step in saying I know you only meant to save your cousin and yet by pursuing her you risked the ultimate destruction of civilizations beyond numbering you were traveling far faster than you ever have before my friend shattering barrier after barrier until only one remained the golden veil beyond.

Which no living man may trespass aka the kingdom of god so not only did Superman burst through the bonds of infinity he was going so fast that he was able to reach the limits of existence to the point where the specter had to stop of effectively saying I should not let you enter the golden veil beyond.


Top 10 Fastest Superheros in Comics

Number one which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone is of course the fastest man alive the Flash. now for the sake of simplicity, you could pretty much lump in all the flashes or dc speedsters in this category, again we didn’t want to single out all the dc speedsters. because this list would just consist of dc speedsters with that said the fastest Flash and speedster in the dc universe and just the fastest character in all of comics is the original wally west flash as we all know.

The Flash is whether you’re talking about kids Flashberry and Wally is so fast they could travel through time and alter reality some of you may be thinking that Barry was the fastest Flash and although he created the speed force and has the most knowledge of the speed force he is second to wally yes even the official dc fastest character list says wally is number one he understands the spiritual side of the speed force and with that understanding.

He trusts the speed force even though he may not fully grasp the science behind it while he can tap into the full breadth of the speed force he doesn’t run through the speed force the speed force runs through him we go into great detail about wally being the fastest flash in our who is the fastest flash episode right here but with that, our list of the 10 fast superheroes and all of comics comes to a close.



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