The Mad Titan 

This nickname highlights Thanos' descent into madness and his obsession with obtaining ultimate power. 

The Conqueror 

Thanos is often referred to as the Conqueror due to his insatiable desire to conquer and rule over entire galaxies. 

The Dark God 

This nickname emphasizes Thanos' god-like status and his association with darkness and evil. 

The Eternal Enemy 

Thanos has become a perpetual foe for many heroes, earning him the moniker of the Eternal Enemy. 

The Death's Chosen 

Thanos' infatuation with Death herself has earned him the title of Death's Chosen, signifying his willingness to do anything to please her. 

The Destroyer 

Thanos is known for his destructive capabilities, making him a fearsome figure as the Destroyer of worlds. 

The Madman of Titan 

This nickname emphasizes Thanos' troubled mental state and his origins on the moon of Titan. 

The Gauntlet Wielder

Following his acquisition of the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos gained the nickname of the Gauntlet Wielder, showcasing his control over the ultimate power. 

The Cosmic Tyrant 

Thanos' quest for dominance over the cosmos has earned him the reputation of a Cosmic Tyrant, instilling fear in those who oppose him. 

The Purple Menace 

This nickname is a more lighthearted reference to Thanos' distinctive purple complexion and his status as a formidable threat to the universe.