The God of Thunder 

This is Thor's most well-known nickname, highlighting his divine status and mastery over lightning and thunder. 

The Odinson 

Thor is often referred to by his patronymic surname, the Odinson, to distinguish him as the son of Odin. 

The Mighty Avenger 

As a founding member of the Avengers, Thor is recognized as the Mighty Avenger, emphasizing his heroic role within the team. 

The Asgardian Prince 

This nickname acknowledges Thor's royal heritage as the prince of Asgard, the realm of the gods. 

The Thunderer 

Referring to his ability to summon thunder and lightning, the nickname the Thunderer highlights Thor's powerful control over these elemental forces. 

The Lord of Asgard 

Thor's leadership role as the ruler of Asgard grants him the title of the Lord of Asgard, representing his authority and command. 

The Hammer Wielder 

Thor's signature weapon, Mjolnir, grants him the nickname of the Hammer Wielder, symbolizing his strength and connection to his magical weapon. 

The Norse God 

This nickname directly connects Thor to Norse mythology, where he is revered as a deity in the pantheon of gods. 

The Stormbringer 

Emphasizing Thor's ability to bring forth storms and tempests, the nickname the Stormbringer showcases his control over weather phenomena. 

The Protector of the Nine Realms 

Thor's responsibility to safeguard the Nine Realms from threats makes him the Protector of the Nine Realms, signifying his role as a defender and guardian.