Barry Allen is the Flash

Barry Allen is a forensic scientist who profits from the potential to move at first-rate speed after being struck by lightning. He makes use of his powers to fight crime and defend the innocent.

Barry Allen's mother become murdered

 Barry's mom, Nora Allen, was murdered when he turned into a toddler. He has in no way stopped trying to find her killer.

Barry Allen's father is in prison

Barry's father, Henry Allen, became framed for Nora's homicide and has been in prison ever due to the fact that. Barry is determined to clear his father's name.

Barry Allen meets Bruce Wayne

Barry meets Bruce Wayne, a.K.A. Batman, when he is referred to as research against the law scene. Barry and Bruce grow to be buddies and allies.

Barry Allen joins the Justice League

Barry Allen is one of the founding participants of the Justice League, a team of superheroes who defend the world from threats.

Barry Allen's travels returned in time

 In The Flash film, Barry Allen will journey returned in time to prevent his mom's homicide. This will create a new timeline, with one-of-a-kind consequences for the DC Extended Universe.

Michael Keaton returns as Batman

Michael Keaton will reprise his function as Batman from Tim Burton's films. Keaton will play an older, extra-skilled Batman who allows Barry Allen on his adventure.

Ben Affleck returns as Batman

Ben Affleck can even go back as Batman, however in a one-of-a-kind function. Affleck will play a model of Batman from an alternate universe.

Sasha Calle makes her debut as Supergirl

Sasha Calle will make her debut as Supergirl in The Flash movie. Supergirl is an effective Kryptonian who fights for justice.

The Flash movie is a multiverse film

The Flash film will explore the multiverse, an idea wherein there are multiple universes, every one with its personal version of fact. The multiverse will play a major position in The Flash movie.