Total time taken to complete everything in Final Fantasy 16: 75 hours. 

Completion includes finishing the main story, side quests, and defeating every hunt. 

Best equipment available in the game was obtained during the 75-hour playthrough. 

Main story alone can be completed in approximately 30 hours, according to Square Enix. 

Focusing only on the main story means missing out on valuable upgrades for the character Clive. 

Insufficient experience points gained by solely focusing on the main story prevents reaching the maximum level. 

Not gathering enough ability points means missing out on unlocking most of Clive's powerful Eikon skills. 

Progressing solely through the main story can become challenging towards the end due to significantly stronger boss enemies. 

Completing optional activities is recommended to level up Clive and overcome the difficulty spike. 

Engaging in hunts is an excellent way to earn experience points and obtain rare materials for crafting equipment.