The latest film in the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast X, has surpassed $300 million in global box office earnings since its release. 

The movie features Vin Diesel in the lead role and includes both familiar and surprising cast members. 

Gal Gadot makes a surprise return at the end of the film, generating mixed reactions on social media and leading to trolling. 

Vin Diesel hinted that there might be two more sequels before the Fast and Furious series concludes. 

Gal Gadot expressed her excitement and revealed her appearance in Fast X on Twitter, stating how much she missed the Fast and Furious family. 

Gadot's character, Gisele Yashar, originally appeared in the 2009 film and helped propel Gadot's career, leading to her iconic role as Wonder Woman in the DC movie universe. 

Fans had mixed responses to Gadot's revival in the non-superhero franchise, with some finding it unrealistic for characters to come back from the dead in a non-superhero context. 

Comments from fans ranged from jokingly predicting Gadot's return to expressing disappointment in the lack of originality in the Fast series and the resurrection of characters after long periods. 

The return of Gadot's character adds a new layer to the Fast and Furious storyline, and fans are discussing the implications and direction of the franchise. 

The success of Fast X and the anticipation for potential sequels demonstrate the continued popularity and longevity of the Fast and Furious franchise.