Gamora's character arc in the MCU evolved from a cold killer to a lovable antihero with a warm heart, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 completing her transformation. 

GOTG3 Improved Gamora's Character 

Vol. 3 introduced personal stakes, adding emotional depth to the story beyond the usual city or universe-saving narratives.  Rocket Raccoon's life-threatening situation created highly personal stakes, making audiences invested in his fate.

Guardians 3 Had More Personal Stakes 

 The movie explored Rocket's backstory and Star-Lord's struggles in his relationship with Gamora. Guardians 3 showcased memorable settings, including the bizarre Orgosphere and the unique Counter-Earth.

Guardians 3 Had More Memorable Settings 

The High Evolutionary, the film's main villain, was more compelling and engaging compared to previous Guardians villains. Chukwudi Iwuji's incredible performance brought the High Evolutionary to life, stealing every scene he was in.

The High Evolutionary Is Better Than Other Guardians Villains

The High Evolutionary had more clearly defined goals and a complex personality, distinguishing him from other Guardians villains. Unlike some MCU villains driven by revenge or destruction, the High Evolutionary aimed to improve the universe through creating perfect life-forms.

The High Evolutionary Had A Better Goal 

 Star-Lord's vulnerability was further explored in Guardians 3, emphasizing his troubled background and desire for a real family. The movie delved into Star-Lord's attempts to revive his romance with Gamora and the threat of losing Rocket, deepening his character development.

Guardians 3 Made Star-Lord More Vulnerable 

 Guardians 3 emphasized themes of love, acceptance, and found families more than its predecessors.  Star-Lord's love for Gamora played a significant role in her transformation and acceptance by the Guardians.

Guardians 3 Had Themes Of Love & Acceptance 

Guardians 3 re-evaluated the team's composition, trimming and reorganizing the Guardians squad. Rocket Raccoon assumed leadership, while Star-Lord and Mantis departed, and new members joined the team.

Guardians 3 Re-Evaluated Who Needs To Be A Guardian 

 Nebula's character arc progressed throughout the Guardians movies, culminating in a balanced antihero persona in Guardians 3. Nebula embraced teamwork and friendship without losing her serious and determined nature.

Guardians 3 Made Nebula A Better-Balanced Antihero 

Most MCU films need urgency & high stakes to be effective, such as Winter Soldier's Project Insight or Thanos' quest for the Infinity Stones in Infinity War. The Guardians movies explored the galaxy, but Guardians 3 had urgent stakes as they raced to save Rocket's life. 

Guardians 3 Had A Strong Sense Of Urgency