Superman's Kryptonian biology gives him a powerful physique that can withstand Earth's gravity.

The yellow sun of Earth additionally improves Superman's powers, along with his ability to fly.

 Some theories endorse that Superman uses his super strength to propel himself through the air.

 Others trust that Superman uses his bioelectric field to create a force field around his body that allows him to fly.

It is also possible that Superman makes use of a combination of those strategies to fly.

Superman's capability to fly isn't completely explained, but it's far one in every of his most iconic powers.

Superman can fly at incredible speeds, and he may even travel through space.

 He also can use his flight to perform notable feats, such as catching falling objects or stopping dashing cars.

Superman's flight is an essential part of his superhero identification, and it allows him to guard the world from risk.

The specific way that Superman flies is a thriller, but it's one of the things that makes him one of these compelling and popular iconic superhero.