Keanu Reeves, famous for his roles in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Matrix franchise, and John Wick, has not yet starred in a superhero tentpole blockbuster.

 Marvel president Kevin Feige jokingly revealed in 2019 that they frequently approach Reeves to gauge his interest in joining the MCU.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Reeves expressed admiration for the way Marvel films have evolved and expressed a desire to be a part of it.

 Reeves remained secretive about any specific superhero roles offered by Marvel Studios but did reveal his younger self's dream character: Ghost Rider.

Comics have been a long-standing passion for Reeves, starting from his early days reading Archie Comics and progressing to superheroes like Iron Man, Superman, and Batman.

As Reeves grew older, he developed a particular fondness for Frank Miller's Wolverine run and the Akira manga.

Reeves' latest endeavor, BRZKRKR, is a comic book series co-created by him and Matt Kindt. The protagonist, resembling Reeves, is an immortal warrior embarking on epic battles throughout history.

Reeves' interest in comics and his passion for the genre make him an ideal candidate to step into the superhero world of the MCU.

Given his remarkable acting skills and the diverse range of characters he has portrayed throughout his career, fans eagerly anticipate his potential debut in a Marvel film.

While nothing has been confirmed, the prospect of Keanu Reeves joining the MCU as a superhero promises an exciting and intriguing addition to the Marvel universe.