Iron Man (Marvel) - Steel (DC): 

Both characters are genius inventors who create high-tech suits of armor to enhance their abilities. They rely on their suits' advanced weaponry and gadgets to fight crime.

Superman (DC) - Hyperion (Marvel) 

Both are immensely powerful heroes with super strength, flight, and invulnerability. They both also have similar origin stories and act as beacons of hope. 

Batman (DC) - Moon Knight (Marvel) 

Both are dark and brooding vigilantes who use their wealth and martial arts skills to fight crime. They also have similar gadgets and rely on stealth and strategy. 

Aquaman (DC) - Namor (Marvel) 

Both are Atlantean royalty with the ability to breathe underwater, superhuman strength, and the power to communicate with sea creatures. They are often portrayed as anti-heroes. 

Green Arrow (DC) - Hawkeye (Marvel) 

Both are skilled archers with no superhuman abilities but possess incredible accuracy and agility. They are highly skilled marksmen and often use trick arrows. 

Flash (DC) - Quicksilver (Marvel) 

Both possess superhuman speed, allowing them to move at incredible velocities. They both have lightning-themed costumes and can run at nearly the speed of light. 

Black Widow (Marvel) - Black Canary (DC) 

Both are highly skilled martial artists and master spies. They are known for their exceptional agility, hand-to-hand combat abilities, and use of covert tactics. 

Shazam (DC) - Captain Marvel (Marvel) 

Both characters share the same name but have different origins. DC's Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, is a young boy who transforms into a powerful hero, while Marvel's Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, gains cosmic powers. 

Wonder Woman (DC) - Thor (Marvel) 

Both are powerful warriors with ties to mythology. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess with superhuman strength and divine weapons, while Thor is the Norse god of thunder with his iconic hammer, Mjolnir. 

Deadpool (Marvel) - Deathstroke (DC) 

Both characters have similar names and share certain characteristics. They are skilled mercenaries and assassins known for their enhanced physical abilities, regenerative healing, and sharp senses.