the peripheral

it is a science fiction mystery series that is partially based on William Gibson's 2014 novel of the same name the plot begins in town and revolves around Flynn Fisher.


the boys diabolical

if you've seen the boys show you probably won't need an introduction to this one but for those who are unfamiliar it is a superhero animated series based on the popular comic book series of the same name it's a spin-off of Amazon's popular show.


the Lord of the Rings the rings of power

there are just two possible outcomes for this show either it will greatly impress and entertain you or you may not like it at all however for a general audience that like the Lord of the Rings movies.


three Pines

this is one of the Dark Horses of 2022 which many viewers have overlooked this crime mystery show is based on a book series by Louise Penny the show is set in the beautiful town of three Pines.


A League of Their Own

It is a sports comedy drama that focuses entirely on the World War II All-American competitive women's baseball competition while the main story follows Carson a married lady.


the English

it is a western drama series that revolves around a former military Ranger Eli Whip and an English lady named Cornelia lock both are on separate Journeys that demand tremendous bravery and personal sacrifice.


the summer I turn pretty

it is a teen romantic series created by Jenny Han the center of the story is belly a young girl who has spent each vacation at the Magnificent property belonging to Susanna a colleague of her mother Laurel.


The Terminal  list

the series contains every element a wild action thriller should have including intense action sequences plot twists betrayal and Espionage it is based on the same title Jack Carr novel and yes the plot is basic and predictable.


the Devil's hour

this one is insane I mean it is literally the strangest show on Amazon Prime and it is one of the biggest draws of 2022 for me the storyline follows Lucy Chambers.


Jack Reacher

It is in crime action thriller series developed by Nick santora I became a fan of Lee child's work thanks to this series which is simply outstanding what's even more exciting is that.