The opening scene of Secret Invasion become created using artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI was used to generate a series of images that depict the Skrulls form-moving into exceptional human beings and objects.

The photos are distorted and chaotic, which creates an experience of unease and paranoia.

The opening scene is supposed to foreshadow the subject matters of the show, which cope with the risks of deception and infiltration.

 The AI-generated pics are also a nod to the comic book origins of Secret Invasion, wherein the Skrulls invaded Earth by posing as humans.

The opening scene has been met with mixed reactions from fans and critics. Some people have praised the creativity and originality of AI-generated images, whilst others have criticized them for being too abstract and confusing.

 Regardless of the reaction, the outlet scene of Secret Invasion is an enormous departure from the conventional MCU opening credits.

 It is an ambitious and experimental flow that would have a major effect on the future of the MCU.

The use of AI within the opening scene is an indication of the MCU's willingness to embody new technology and storytelling techniques.

It is a reminder that the MCU is usually evolving and finding new approaches to marvel and entertain its fans.