Shazam 2, the sequel to DC  Universe's Shazam, has been released. Now many people are wondering whether this movie should be watched or not.

If you have seen the first part of Sahaj movie. I am sure you will enjoy watching the second part more than the first part.

Because there is more power, humor in the second part as compared to the first part, the most important thing is that the story of the second part is very good.

If you are ready to watch a full entertaining movie then Shazam 2 will be the best option for you. Because this is not a superhero film but a comedy superhero film.

In the final part of the first part, we saw that Billy Batson had made all the siblings superheroes and broke the magic wand, which unnecessarily messed up the plot of the film.

The daughter of Atlas has come back to earth to take her power, but what is her intention, you will know only by watching the film.

The length of the film is 2 hours, but after the film is over you will not know that time has passed, this film will not let you feel boring at all.

And let me tell you, this movie is very good from DC Universe movie Black Adam. Magic has been shown very well in this film of Shazam, I think DC has not shown magic in such detail before.

You will like the climax of the film Shazam 2, yes, the director of the movie has put all the awesome scenes in the climax of the film.

There is no alternative for those who follow this universe; For those who are not, you can watch it on any lazy Sunday without any plans.