Deliver Us from Evil


Filit is a 2020 action film directed  by Hong won Chan the movie follows in nam who executed a Mafia Boss in a recent Mission and is advised to hide by his authorities.

The Great Battle


it is a historical epic action film directed by Kim Kwang sick the story takes place in 645 A.D when King Lee Shimon enters the gaguryo Empire with his enormous tank troops and the gaguryo Army.

Old Henry


it is a western action film directed by potsy ponceroli the plot revolves around a farmer who helps a wounded person carrying a backpack of money.

the Old Guard


It is an action fantasy film based on the comic book of the same name the plot revolves around a clan of ancient Immortals that can regenerate themselves to avoid being noticed they prefer to work as soldiers and conceal.

Rambo last Blood


I imagine that every fan of action films has probably seen some of the films in this franchise if not don't worry you can still enjoy this one it is the fifth entry in the Rambo franchise and a follow-up to the 2008 film.



it is an action crime Thriller film directed by Ruben Fleischer the plot is set in 1949 and revolves around merciless gangster Mickey Cohen who rules Los Angeles with a firm grip and gains wealth through a variety of illegal activities in the meantime.



it is an action thriller film directed by Pierre Morrell the story follows Riley North who emerges from a coma following a terrible attack that left her husband and children dead already sat and Riley gets more Furious.

The Raid 2


it is an action thriller film directed by Gareth Evans if you've seen the raid one you've undoubtedly grown to love these two films to put it simply the two films contain some of the best hand-to-hand fight scenes.

Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter


it is an action horror film directed by Tim urbanitov the  story follows Abraham Lincoln whose mother died due to a  vampire attack.

Alita battle Angel


it is a cyberpunk action film based on the manga series gun by yukito kashiro the film takes place in the very far future and tells the story of a deserted Android named Elita.