Season of the Witch

it is a fantasy action adventure film directed by Dominic Cena. the plot centers on two nights bemen and Felson who upon their return from the war discover.


Beautiful Creatures

it is a romantic gothic fantasy film directed by Richard La gravanes. the film is set in a tiny town and follows the tale of a young lad named Ethan Waite.



it is a fantasy action film directed by Andre overdle the story focuses on a young man named Eric who learns he possesses mystical powers



it is a fantasy action film directed by David Ayer. many people have probably already watched this one because it is one of the most popular Netflix original movies.


nine days

it is a fantasy drama film directed by Ed sonoda. this will be one of the most Innovative fantasy films you've seen in a while the plot centers on will whose purpose.


47 Ronin

who wouldn't want to watch Keanu Reeves in an action fantasy movie, it's always exciting to watch watch him in action and this movie won't let you down either. the story revolves around Lord asano who fairly governs his territory.



it is a period fantasy horror film directed by polar kehoeleho the plot revolves around a blacksmith who has caught a demon and lives alone hidden from the watching gaze of the locals everything was proceeding smoothly until a helpless young girl.


a monster calls

it is a 2016 Dark Fantasy drama film directed by J.A bayona.the movie is about a boy named Conor who has to deal with a lot since his mother is sick meanwhile his father has relocated far away.


the fall

it is a fantasy Adventure film directed by tarsum Singh. the story is set in a hospital and follows the story of a wounded man Roy Walker who meets Alexandria a little girl patient with a fractured arm.



it is a  sci-fi fantasy film directed by Jammin Winans. the plot revolves around ink a strange entity that captures a man's soul with the intention of utilizing.