War of the Worlds 


if you've watched the movie War of the Worlds it's likely that you've heard of or perhaps seen this show  the series differs from the movie in almost every way which sometimes works to its advantage and other times against it.



people usually associate Science Fiction with Space Opera alien invasions or robot vs human battles but sci-fi is not simply limited it has a lot more to offer just like this genuinely cool show with a creative futuristic premise the story is set somewhere in the distant future where dying is no longer the end.

memories of the Alhambra


the series revolves around Yoo Jin  Wu the president of an investment firm  who learns about a creative augmented reality video game about great battles in the Alhambra and flies to Spain to visit Jung SI Joo.



it is a sci-fi thriller show starring JK Simmons although the basic concept of this show revolves around a parallel universe which is nothing new for sci-fi lovers it still stands out from the other shows on this list due to its suspenseful factor.



it is a science fiction Tech Thriller miniseries directed by Alex Garland the center of the story is Lily Chan a talented software developer working for forests Information Technology business  Amaya.

Lost in Space


It is a Sci-Fi Action Adventure series created by Irwin Allen the show is set in 2046 years after an apocalyptic event that challenges Mankind's existence on earth and the main story follows the intergalactic journeys of the Robinson family.

future man


fans of this genre the show centers on Josh futterman an individual who loves gaming so much that one day he finished a game that was thought to be unbeatable his Joy over beating the game is tempered by two enigmatic guests and strangely.

Person of Interest


it is a Sci-Fi crime drama series created  by Jonathan Nolan the story centers on Harold Finch a successful software engineer who created a project called the machine for the government that  can combine all relevant data and  predict crimes.



it is is a steampunk action adventure  series set in League of Legends games fictional Universe it is debatable if  Arcane belongs in fantasy or sci-fi so I guess both that steampunk futuristic setting has a Sci-Fi backdrop but its  primary subject is fantasy.

The Expanse


The best and most popular among those  who have seen it the expanse the Epic six season long sci-fi that will tease the boundary of your imagination to avoid giving away any major plot points we won't be discussing the entire series.