You season 4 of the psychological crime Thriller takes place shortly after the events of season three where Joe travels to Paris in search of Marianne who left after she discovered the terrible truth.


it is a police procedural crime drama series based on Karen Slaughter's will Trent series of novels the plot follows will Trent who was raised in Atlanta's crowded child welfare system.

will trent 

it is a superhero comedy series created  by Emma Moran the center of the story  is Jen a young lady who lives in a universe in which everybody possesses  a superpower but for reasons unknown she does not the series is set in a universe.


it is a comedy drama series created  by Brett Goldstein Bill Lawrence and Jason Segel the show centers on Jimmy Laird a therapist who struggles to be a dad and friend while coping with intense grief caused by the death of his wife.


it is a period crime drama created by Rachel new the series centers on Eliza Scarlett who following the death of her father finds it harder to live as an unmarried woman.

Miss Scarlett and the duke

it is a romantic comedy drama directed by Kim Yun Kwan the plot centers on Yo Miran a young lawyer at a firm that mostly represents clients in the movie business the problem  is that.

love to hate you

 it is a crime drama series and the fifth installment in the CSI franchise it is a continuation of the CSI crime Scene Investigation series the show centers ona creative young Squad of officers.

CSI Vegas

it is a supernatural drama series created by Jeff Davis the plot revolves around Blake and Everett two teenagers whose ordinary lives were turned upside down when they were injured by an unidentified mystical monster.

wolf pack

it is an animated fantasy action adventure series based on the first Campaign Of The Dungeons and Dragons web series critical role one of the best animated shows of the last year.

The legend of Vox Machina

it is a spin-off of the popular teen drama on my block on Netflix here's a quick rundown of  on my Block series to give you an  idea of what the free Ridge show is all about on my block takes place in the Los Angeles.

free Ridge