The Company You Keep

It is a crime drama series created by Julia Cohen the plot centers on con artist Charlie and secret CIA agent Emma.


the law according to Lydia poet

it is a period crime drama created  by Guido yukilano Davide Orsini the show takes place in late 19th century Italy when the profession of lawyer  was restricted. 


Outer Banks

i honestly did not expect this show to be so popular and fans will be happy to know that it has been renewed for a fourth season the third season has more drama excitement and action.



it is a crime Thriller series directed by Kim Hong seon. the plot centers on Guru hand a former attorney turned investigator who attempts to investigate an unsolved crime from the past using a case from the present.


miracle workers

it is a comedy Anthology series  based on Rich's novels each season has a different storyline with  same actor playing different characters the first season.


Carnival row

season 2 begins with the fairies being trapped on Carnival row with no place to escape while rycraft fillestrate and big netstanamous hunt for methods to support them in the meantime reichrist returns.


the consultant

it is a sci-fi thriller series based on the book of the same name by Bentley little the show centers on the staff of comware a mobile gaming corporation whose Visionary CEO passes away under strange circumstances.


red rose

it is a 2022 British horror drama created by Michael and Paul clarkso the series centers on a circle of friends who find themselves in unexpected trouble during the summer due to an application  called red rose.



Ganglands season two of the popular action crime Thriller on Netflix has returned and it is darker and more intense than season one before discussing season two here is a  quick overview of season one.


Hello Tomorrow

it is a science fiction comedy series starring Billy crudup we may have all heard that humans will one day live on the moon well this series explores the topic in the most humorous way possible using futuristic technology.