A new report has indicated that the villain of mcu phase 2 could be Ultron.

It's been seven years since we last saw an AI villain inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet we have yet to see an AI villain at Marvel.

Ultron was seen in the film Avengers Age of Ultron, released in 2015. Which was created by Tony Stark.

According to a new report, Ultron is going to be a villain in marvel's future film very soon.

In a recent article published by The Comics Circus, sources revealed that Ultron was not completely destroyed at the end of the second Avengers film. And small parts of the program still remain "inactive" out there somewhere.

But still mcu has not told officially whether ultron can be villain in future movie.

Yet one can speculate that there are two possible options for Return to Ultron, one being Armor Wars and the other being Vision Quest.

Marvel has not announced any official release date for both Armor Wars and the second Vision Quest film.

While none of the storylines involved Ultron in his comic books, the MCU could easily have taken creative liberties, as it had before.

So far no villain has been confirmed in any project, so anything can happen.