Tom Hardy has an exciting big update for Venom 3.

Venom 3 lead actor Tom Hardy has confirmed that the pre-production work is going on for this film.

Sony has a few exclusive Spider-Man projects lined up for the future, one of which is Venom 3.

According to industry insider Daniel Richman, Venom 3 will go on floors in a few months.

The Sony Pictures threequel is set to shoot in England from June to September.

No official release date for Venom 3 has been confirmed. It looks like Venom 3 will hit theater screens sometime in the second half of 2024.

We don't know the Venom 3 plot at this point, but we suspect Detective Mulligan will become Toxin and be the main antagonist.

We know for sure that Venom and Eddie Brock will once again be played by Tom Hardy in the Venom 3 cast.

There is no news whether Spider-Man will appear in Venom 3, it seems very unlikely.

Kelly Marcel was officially selected to direct and write Venom 3 in late October 2022.