The Skrulls are a form-shifting alien race that has been enemies and allies of Earth's heroes inside Marvel Comics.

The Skrulls first appeared in the MCU in Captain Marvel (2019), in which they have been depicted as refugees fleeing their homeworld after a civil war.

 In the comics, the Skrulls have infiltrated Earth in several activities, posing as people and taking up key positions of power.

 Secret Invasion is set five years after the Blip and follows Nick Fury as he investigates a sequence of mysterious activities that recommend the Skrulls can be making plans for some other invasion.

The show will feature a mixture of the latest and returning characters from the MCU, consisting of Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Talos, and Emilia Clarke.

Secret Invasion is expected to be a prime crossover event, with the ability to affect the MCU in big ways.

 The series can be six episodes lengthy and could premiere on Disney+ on June 21, 2023.

You have to watch Captain Marvel before looking at Secret Invasion, as it will come up with more background about the Skrulls.

 You do not want to have seen every MCU film or show to understand Secret Invasion, but it will assist to have a general understanding of the universe.

Secret Invasion is sure to be a thrilling and suspenseful series, and it's certain to have a  main impact on the MCU.